Simonis is for faster play.  Recommended for 9' tables or tournament players.  

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ChampionSHIP & Simonis Color Charts

Recommended for most home tables.Most colors come with a Telfon coating which will help with spill resistance.  7' 8' 9' Tables 

Re-felting a pool table


Dallas Billiard Pros offers a few varieties of new felt options for your pool table, snooker table or billiard table.
Championship (Invitational w/ Teflon) is our felt manufacturer. This is the felt we recommend for most home model tables. This is a 20-21oz napped felt with a Teflon coating (Spill Resistance). This has the widest color selection. Championship offers a few other types and weights of pool table felt. These are often a lighter weight with fewer color choices. These are used most often by bars and pool halls.

If you’re looking for a faster play; we recommend Simonis brand felt.  This is the felt the professionals play on. Simonis is a worsted (nap- less) tournament grade cloth and is a little more expensive. Call for $$$. I don’t recommend it for all tables, but if you have a 9’ or tournament grade table it’s almost a must.