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 assemble pool table


Moving the pool table is the easy part. The re-assembly of the table is what requires the most experience. Every piece of slate must be leveled, at the same time each seam needs to be flushed and sealed.... (Jeff and I were both trained for over a year as a helper/apprentice before being allowed an attempt at leveling a pool table).  We’ve seen all kinds of so called “pool table movers” use different tactics... Some try to roll a ball on the table during the assembly. Some will use a straight edge in their poor attempt at leveling the slates. Or, they’ll just not level the pool table at all!  A machinists level is what’s needed to properly assemble a pool table. A straight edge, or carpenters level will get close, but not really very accurate. This is just one of the many tools the average Joe (do-it yourselfer) or a typical moving company, even a lot of so called pool table movers, won’t have in their tool box.  So, even if you don’t hire Dallas Billiard Pros to repair, re-assemble or move your pool table, believe me, it’s worth it to have it professionally installed.Call us today! 214.728.9001

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